A Color for Rose

I made a postcard with a rose and I was insecure which color to choose for the leaves. But that’s why I got my art journal


To be able to work all the time with my art journal, I always have some pages prepared. Some pages are made up with Gesso or some got glued.  


I cut a paper and made a bear-post.

Snail Mail

I love to send out mail, letters and postcards. It didn’t take long till


As I sit, full of anger, because of some things that happened today, at my Art Journal, it happens that my anger floats into the design and disappears into nowhere and I end up with a wonderful evening.


Some colored pencils help to make a letter beautiful.

Pink-Black Hat

A hat made out of pink and black wool, with irregular stripes and a pompon 😀

Again Color

This time acryl on paper card, stamped and cut out the envelove from brown packing paper with glued on and cut out monsters.

Crazy Birds

Glueing an old bookpage on a card, drawing a bird with ink, outlining it white: done!